Private Practice Success Strategies for Plastic Surgeons & Specialists

Private Practice Success Strategies - SPE

Practice Success Strategies for Plastic Surgeons The marketing/sales cost to get a NEW aesthetic patient for a consult is about $500+ each. This is a significant investment and we want to attract and convert every quality prospective patient. Prospective Patients that come from Word of Mouth (Via a patient or GP) tend to convert better
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Aesthetic Groups in Australia & NZ – List of Injectables & Laser Clinic Groups

Injectable clinic Groups in Australia

List of Injectables & Laser Clinic Groups in Australia & NZ The medaesthetics industry is booming in Australia and New Zealand – Are you looking for Injectables & Laser Clinic Groups? Here are some of the leading organisations. This is a summary and brief description of the many Groups of Laser/Injectables Clinics in Australia employing
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Useful Medical Terms for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

Medical terms for Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery

Medical Terms for Plastic Surgery and Medical Surgery USEFUL MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY Here are some of the most commonly used medical terms: Having just ONE SIDE is Unilateral, BOTH SIDES is Bilateral e.g. bilateral breast augmentation Above is SUPERIOR, below is INFERIOR e.g. superior pedicle Towards the outside is LATERAL, toward the middle is MEDIAL COMMON
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Best Medical Digital Agencies for Plastic Surgeons in Australia & USA

Best Digital Agencies for Medical and Healthcare Marketing

Best Medical Digital Agencies for Plastic Surgeons in Australia & USA – Website Developers, Marketers and SEO Here is a collection of the top digital agencies that are experts at medical & healthcare marketing and webmarketing for specialist practices. AUSTRALIAN DIGITAL AGENCIES & WEB DEVELOPERS FOR MEDICAL SPECIALIST WEBSITES Azuri Group – Drew Hankin CEO
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Best Podcasts for Plastic Surgeons & Practice Development

Best Podcasts for Plastic Surgeons and Practice Team Development

Best Podcasts for Plastic Surgeons & Practice Team Development Want some great tips to grow your practice with sales & marketing? Need some sound advice on building your practice team and culture ? Want ideas to improve your practice profitability and performance? Check out these episodes of podcasts for plastic surgeons when walking, driving or
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Best Leadership Books for Plastic Surgeons & their Practice Managers

Best Leadership Books and resources for Practice Managers

Best Leadership Books for Plastic Surgeons and Plastic Surgery Practice Managers As a leader of your Plastic Surgery Practice you need a wide selection of Skills & Talents – Here are some leadership books and resources on topics that can really help! Best Leadership Books on Being a Better Leader Managing your Mindset & Beliefs
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Celebrity Plastic Surgeons around the World

Celebrity Plastic Surgeons

Lessons from ‘Big Name’ Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Going Global Plastic surgery has gained a lot more popularity recently and for good reasons. I mean, if you can change something you don’t like about yourself, then why not? Plastic surgery is a confidence booster for many patients and can even improve your quality of life. When
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Finding & Keeping Great Practice Staff – Recruiting Tips

Finding and Keeping Great Staff

How to Master Recruiting and Build a Loyal “A TEAM” for your Practice The most VALUABLE thing you can do is to learn recruiting techniques to choose better people and build a great team. Your staff can be the best investment you ever make or your biggest nightmare.  The truth is that you need the right
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Leading your Practice during Turbulent Times (like Covid)

Leading in Turbulent Times

Top Tips for Leading Your Practice in Turbulent Times Leading your practice during a crisis is very challenging and stressful. In a highly competitive marketplace your ABCs – Attitude, Beliefs and Confidence really counts. A small shift in your mindset can give you a BIG improvement in results. Here are my BEST TIPS for being
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Best Resources For Growth In Turbulent Times

Best Resources for Growth in Turbulent Times

Growth in Tough Times! – How To Grow During & After The Corona Crisis Useful  Resources and tools for surviving and thriving in Tough Times. Here are some of the BEST Growth Ideas to improve your mindset & resilience, Tips to pivot and position yourself, Working from Home Tips and Marketing ideas during the crisis
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The IMPACT of the Corona Crisis on Different Industries and the Australian Economy

Impact of Corona on Different Industries

Which industries and businesses will do well, struggle or suffer during the Corona CoVid19 Crisis? Looking for more customers during the Corona CoVid19 crisis? Want to find a new job or career during the downturn in Australia? Thinking about picking some winning companies for the near future? This article can help you as it discusses
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10 Essentials for Leaders during a Crisis

Crisis Essentials for Leaders

Essentials for Leaders in a Crisis or Tough Times Need some new ideas to improve your Results in times of crisis? Would you like to grow your sales & profits? Want to know the Secrets to Business Success in Tough Times? Most Business Owners want a successful business. But the path to success has many obstacles
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How to Adopt a Positive Mood and Attitude in Your Clinic

PMA Adopt a positive mood and attitude

How to Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) and grow your Practice by David Staughton CSP CCEO, Keynote Speaker on Business Growth in tough times and Expert on Small Business My number 1 tip for success is adopting a Positive Mental Attitude (or PMA) in Life and at Work. Right now we need good leadership and
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The Future of Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery in Australia

Future of Cosmetic Surgery

Future of Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery Industry  – Disruption, Growth and Challenges ahead  CORPORATISATION, COMMODITISATION & CUSTOMER FOCUS The Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Marketplace is changing rapidly. Three of the biggest changes are disruption to the medical marketplace, the impact of a rise in competition and the critical need to focus on delivering a better
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Best Productivity & Effectiveness Tips – How to get BETTER RESULTS fast

Productivity Tips

10 BEST Ways to Improve Your Productivity & Team Effectiveness at your Practice At work, you’re probably BUSY and like most business owners just love being ‘hands-on’. But if you are consumed by your workplace – stressed, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed or feeling poorly rewarded – you are probably doing it WRONG! You need better PRODUCTIVITY. Your
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How To Solve Your Small Business Growth Problems

Business Problems

The Ten Most Common Small Business Problems and How to Fix Them Need some help solving your business problems? Do you have any BLINDSPOTS around your Business? Want some tips to overcome your biggest business challenges? You’ve come to right place! Every Small Business Owner or Manager uses their skills and talents to solve a
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Expanding to Multiple Locations – Replicating Successfully

Replicating with Systems

How to Expand to Multiple Locations Successfully – Replicating with Systems Thinking Want to grow your business in another location? Want to expand your operations from one site to multiple sites? Struggling running a second or third location business? If you want to build a large sustainable multi-location business,  then you need SOLID foundations and
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Changing Habits and selecting a Business Coach for Accountability


How to change Habits and have more Accountability & better Results Would you like to create some NEW Habits and better future? Are you tired of doing the same old thing and getting worse results? Is it time for a CHANGE?     Business Disruption has arrived The world is changing at an astonishing rate.
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